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Spotify Wrapped: How To Play Your Top Songs For 2020 

Do you like to know about your listening habits for the whole year? Do you want to see how you can play your top songs for 2020?

Explore this article; we will let you know how you can use Spotify wraps to play your tops songs for 2020.

All You To Know About Spotify Wrapped

Spotify gives an additional feature to its users that calculates the time a user spends on listening to music on Spotify. It tells that which artist or song you streamed more times. You can get these insights at the end of every year.

At the end of 2019, Spotify has launched a new feature i-e Spotify wrapped 2019. This feature enables the user to see which songs they have played maximum times in a year. Moreover, you can see a list of genres you listened to more this year. It tells you how much time you have spent on streaming music. After the end of 2019, a new decade is about to begin. In this new decade, users who are a member of Spotify for more than a year can know about their favorite songs and artists of the last decade.

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Spotify reminds its users about their musical moments of the last year. It tells them how they have spent their musical minutes during the whole year. Buy Spotify plays after a few days, 2020 is about to start, so spotify will add some picks from the previous year.

If you want to be the part of Spotify wrapped, go to the site of Spotify wrapped, log into your Spotify account. If you're going to know about your personalized playlist that will show the top 100 songs you have listened to in the year 2019, then follow some steps.

How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2019

  • Log into the Spotify account and get to the playlist. 
  • You can use the mobile app as well. Open a search bar and find wrapped 2019. If you do not get your own best tracks of the year, then it will show you the most shared content with many other users. The best tracks of the year, according to your taste, will appear in front of you. 
  • As a recording artist, you can locate the track on Spotify. The details on the handy page will provide you information about your music on Spotify. 

Few people know about the wrapped feature of Spotify, but now they are exploring it slowly. With time, they are now discussing their top artists, tracks, etc.

Spotify Library

You can play your top songs in 2020 via Spotify library. In Spotify library, whatever you listen, or download; it remains to save in Spotify library. Therefore you can get your whole music details there (i-e Wrapped). You can easily access the content which you want to listen to again. It is one tap away from you. When you tap on the music button or tab, it quickly takes you to the playlist section where you can swipe away to reach the save albums or list of artists to whom you follow. You can put a filter to get quick results.

Whenever you liked a song you can add it to the playlist, from here you can quickly download and listen when you are offline. Buy Spotify Followers library shows you the list of latest songs you have heard. It will help you to play in the future. In the album section, you can save the album by tapping on the heart icon. It remains in your library, and you can play it in the future. In the same way, you can listen to your favorite artist in 2020, which you have heard most in 2019. Proentpreneurs.


Spotify is the best platform to listen to music or to show your music masterpieces to the world. Its feature “wrapped” makes the music streaming more accessible than the previous decade. Spotify wrapped gives a listening detail of every year that which artist and which album remains most popular among people. It defines your listening habits for the whole year. Moreover, whatever you hear in the previous year, you can also listen in the next year via Spotify library and Spotify wrapped experience.

We hope that this article aids you in understanding how you can play your top songs in 2020.